whatever your plans will be, we have london must-have fashion trending pieces for an injection of style picks that your wardrobe shouldn’t live without.  as well as work attire and social apparel you should find inspiration in our collections and lines and separates.  featuring another favourite:  finding your power and resilience, and digging into your authentic true self to see you through your days as a fashion maven.

we don’t know about you, but we’re ready to set the tone for summer season 2019 (ss19) and winter season 2020 (ws20) wardrobes and we’re here to help you with fashion fixes for meetings on your calendar and events on your agenda.  your ss19 and ws20 styles are as easy as abc with our bit of help advising you faves and in-stlyes of the seasons, dazzling prints you could be wearing and the a la mode super versatile pieces you should know about.  ready?

for women, we are crushing hard on floral, patterned-strewn and textured outfits for balmy days and sultry nights, and mix-n-match tops and bottoms for casual outings and action-packed social gatherings.  we have a couple of accessories, ladies, to add some lift to some your styles hint hint!

for men, we are loving the hues of crisp cotton-mix shirts with sleeves rolled up and an array of colourful comfort tees, to mix-n-match with shorts and chinos and your existing drawers and wardrobe contents.

personal style is many things, and it is not easy to define but at the end of the day, it is you who defines you. there are certain wardrobe essentials that should always be there, or style inspo thereabouts.  our colour-tinted nostalgia summons the spirit of alfresco dining, bbqs, celebrations and special events to be always on point.  ©expanse® fashion likes your personal style goals.

creativity, optimism, and self-expression, is the foundation-stone of our wardrobes.  it is the stuff that makes your unique fashion style stand out.  it exists in all of our wardrobes somewhere.  this is reflected in our willingness to offer clothing season appropriate materials, mostly flimsy and lightweight, but also with a very british-mauritian pragmatism.

nothing channels the spirit of hot long days.  so what does this mean?  new clothes shopping.  yay!  what’s more, they are always a joy to shop for.  having a regular wardrobe reigns supreme but you will be hard pressed to find someone who does not have their own seasonal numbers in their wardrobe of timeless wardrobe staples and uniqueness come payday.

“to do so, at ©expanse® fashion we concentrate our products with styles of the times and our services with fashion know-how, and those elements are most important for our core clients.”