©expanse® fashion is catered, committed and driven to everybody’s love of fashion in their own everyday style.  you can find intriguing product designs at your disposal on our fashion boutique e-commerce website for online ordering, with our stock boutique based at heritage complex albion which you can visit, where a changing room is available for styles guidance.

we share our enthusiasm and passion with you to contribute these product designs as something different to mauritius.  we pride in taking the time to research, source and import our style picks from England and offer reasonable prices.

©expanse® fashion (mauritius) is an individual business with sole proprietorship to move the business forward, registered with business registration no:  i170077418 and trademark registration no:  22995/2017, whose registered operation is within the district of black river area, mauritius.

the website expansefashion.com and the goods are provided by ©expanse® fashion (mauritius) (“©expanse®“, “our”, “us”, “we”).  when we refer to “you” and “your” we mean the user of the website and purchaser of goods – our clients.